Best Practices for Effective Hiring

Employing the correct person for the right job can be problematic at times. So, learning a few tips and tricks on how to be more effective can help take the stress out of hiring.


  1. Look first at internal applicants

It is better to always post positions internally first. Give potential candidates an interview. It's a chance for you to know them better. They learn more about the goals and needs of the organization. Sometimes, a good fit is found between your needs and theirs.


  1. Advertise on the right places

Subject to the size of the business, decide where the best online resource is for you to post your job listing. Does your business have a well-established online presence? Consider posting the job on free job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn, your company careers page, and your social media sites. Advertising on the right places can help you to employ a candidate better matched for the role and for your company and can greatly cut down on the time and cost.


  1. Interview confidently

Make any necessary background checks to learn about a candidate’s illegal history and to directly eliminate candidates with false credentials. This will save you time before interviewing someone who has lied on their resume or someone who has previous convictions. Taking the time to thoroughly examine candidates beforehand allows you to have a smooth interview with no surprises. It also helps you to be able to better get to know the candidate by already having some knowledge of their background. This will save you time when it comes to figuring out if they’re the right fit for your company.


  1. On-board effectively

After successfully written and posted your job description, investigated and cross-examined your candidates, and hired the perfect person for the job, you’ll need to train and on-board them. Having a well-established on boarding program in place will significantly cut down on the time it takes for your new employee to adapt to their role.

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