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Personalized careers site

Accelerate will create a cutting-edge careers zone that will enable the attraction of skills matching your unique recruitments.

Accessibility and ease of use is critical. Jobseekers can register and apply to vacancies without the need of a lengthy registration process.

Alert notifications will proactively notify jobseekers of potential vacancies matching their skill sets.

Online screening and profiling

Accelerate takes the challenge out of finding the diamond in the rough with easy to use online profiling and screening tools.

Recruitment process and workflow management

The recruitment process consists of a number of small steps resulting in finding that perfect employee. Refining these small steps and automating a number of the processes allows the recruitment process to flow seamlessly.

Integration with existing systems such as payroll and ERP allow for a streamlined on-boarding process.

Graduate and Internship Recruitment Program

The Graduate and Internship Recruitment program is customized to fit each client’s unique requirements, allowing for the attraction, filtering and managing of both high volume and selective graduate and internship campaigns.

Online Assessments

Access a range of assessments and Talent Analytics services providing data-driven insights to help you understand the effectiveness of your talent and benchmark it against the best in the marketplace.

Cloud based HR and Payroll

A cloud HR system unifies data for a centralized platform that offers better, quicker and easier HR management.

We offer cloud-based human resource management system software that offer specific HR functionality, such as payroll systems, time and attendance management. These systems allow users to manage everything from human resource processes to payroll all in one place to help you save time and energy. Depending on client’s requirement, we can also deploy our HR system including payroll on premise.

Our HR/payroll is seamlessly integrated with our online recruitment platform(www.xpressjobs.net).

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